Saturday, January 1, 2011

Take 2... New Year's Resolutions

Good morning to everyone.  It is 1/1/11 and time for New Year's resolutions.  This year, I have decided to keep it real simple:  get on my bike more.  I signed up for a goal of 4022 miles on and will make that goal a priority.  Just trying to keep it simple.

Another priority for 2011 is to lose weight, but I will not be making a significant effort to lose weight until February.  I want to make the riding thing a habit again.  Also, I am sure I will lose some weight with the increase in exercise as the amount of riding I will be doing should cause me to lose a minimum of 1 lb a week.

A distant 2nd priority is to provide more entries in my blog this year.  I got off to a good start last year, but only for January.  I will broaden my topics here to go beyond cycling and training.  I expect my next entry to be about my next smartphone choice.

So what are your priorities this year?

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