Monday, September 17, 2007

If Landis is found not-guilty...

So... if Landis is found not-guilty, then what? First, I had heard that Slipstream was very interested in signing Landis if he was found not-guilty by a vote of 3-0. While I think this is unlikely (2-1 either way is pretty much a lock), how can Slipstream sign him if they have only one more slot open and Vaughters has stated that they are targeting Jason McCartney for that slot? Maybe, Vaughters is assuming that the UCI, USADA, WADA or anyone else who is allowed to appeal will appeal the decision to CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) which would take Landis off the market for the 2008 season thus giving him a 2 year suspension whether he is found guilty or not. Great system, huh? Also, how long does anyone have to appeal the decision to CAS?

My prediction is that we will have a 2-1 decision and the losing side will appeal to CAS. Folks, we are almost halfway through this saga. What is your prediction?

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