Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Patellar Tendonitis - Jumpers Knee

After the ride last night, a few of us were discussing one of Spin Doctor Cyclewerks Cycling Club's (SDCCC) member's knee problems. I remember coming across this article that I figured would be helpful to those struggling with knee pain. Patellar Tendonitis is pain in the front of the knee and the pain mostly occurs after the ride when soft tissue tightens up.

I had this problem when I played basketball. All the pounding I took would gradually wear on the tendon so near the end of my seasons in high school, I would have to ice my knees after practices and games. It was manageable mostly because there was an end to the season so my knee could recover.

A few interesting observations from the article, they mention cleat allignment as a possible cause of the pain. If you have free float pedals, such as Speed Play, you reduce your chances of having knee problems. I know Speed Plays solved my knee problems.

Also, bike fit is mentioned as a solution. Greg at Spin Doctor Cyclewerks has a Fit Kit and a Waterford fit bike. If you are having physical pain from riding your bike, go get a bike fit.

Here is the link to the article:

Added 9/22/07:

Greg from Spin Doctor Cyclewerks was mentioning he read my blog and also mentioned that he has a special tool that will align your cleat to maximize efficiency. The device shows if you are moving your foot a lot during your pedal stroke. He will modify the cleat alignment in order to minimize your foot movement. This will also help keep your knees nice and happy :-).

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