Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fantasy Cycling Team - I didn't win but...

I played the Tour de France Fantasy Cycling game on the Versus website sponsored by Kenda. I spent a pretty good amount of time selecting the right combination of riders in order to maximize my results while staying within their spending limit. In retrospect, I may have put too much focus on TT riders, but my overall results exceeded my expectations!!

From over 20,000 people who played, I finished 66. I didn't win anything, but I can at least say I beat all the Versus announcer guys. If you played the game, you can view the top 100 finishers of each stage as well as the top 100 for the tournament period (stage 5-21).

If they do it again, I will play again next year, but I think this year's result will be hard to top.

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