Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Specialized Sub-Zero Gloves

Today, I received an email from CTS reminding me that cold weather is right around the corner. Here in the upper midwest, we have enjoyed very warm weather for the beginning of October (heck, for any time of the year), but we are in for a rude awakening. It will be time to get out our cold weather gear very soon or head inside until next spring.

A couple of weeks ago, I knew it was going to be cold (less than 40 degrees F) for one of our Saturday morning rides. I had not been happy with my cold weather gloves and I knew I wanted to be able to ride into the 20's (F) this winter. My LBS suggested the Sub Zero gloves from Specialized. I bought them and I love these gloves.

These gloves have 2 layers. The base layer can be worn when it is not so cold (30-50 degrees) and then when it turns below 30, you can add the 2nd layer. I have not had the opportunity to use the 2nd layer as it was 38 at the start of that ride, but my hands never got cold on that Saturday ride. More importantly, the gloves breath so my fingers/hands never got sweaty or clammy. With my old winter gloves, my hands would be cold at the beginning of a cold ride and then get cold again toward the end because the gloves got wet from sweat. Specialized touts these gloves as being breathable. I can tell you that they worked for me. My hands never got sweaty and stayed.

So, for cold weather gear, I can check gloves off my list. Next will be something to cover my head.

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