Friday, October 12, 2007

TGIF - Level 2 Coach & Landis

Level 2 Cycling Coach

I went to the USA Cycling Level 2 coaching clinic last weekend. I completed the test this week and passed, so I am now a USA Cycling Level 2 Coach!! Honestly, I didn't think I was going to learn that much from the class as I have read a lot of material on training and nutrition, but I did learn A LOT. Thanks to Sam Callan from USA Cycling; Al Gandolfi, part owner of ABD; and Stephen McGregor, professor of exercise physiology at Eastern Michigan. They were all fantastic teachers and they made the class FUN. Thank you Sam, Al and "El Ranchero" :-).

So, what did I learn, stay tuned... I will be touching on topics that I learned about in future posts to this blog.

Landis Appeals to CAS

Just as the ceremony was planned to give Oscar Pereiro the yellow jersey, Landis announced he has appealed to CAS. I think this is the right move considering the appeal should be considerably less expensive than the initial hearing and CAS has been known to side with the athlete when warranted. Also, most of the analysis is already complete. I only wish that Landis had announced it earlier. I do feel for Pereiro. Here is a guy that doesn't know whether he finished first or second in the biggest bike race in 2006 in the world and he won't find out if he won it until the start of the 2008 season. Also, does anyone know if any of the riders have been paid for the 2006 Tour de France? According to Landis at one of his book signings, he didn't think anyone will get paid until a final verdict in his doping case.

So, what's my point? There are plenty of other riders that are affected by this case other than Landis. Think about how much easier this would have been if WADA's certified lab, LNDD, had their act together. They either would have never found a positive test or the positive test would have been without reproach. Anyway, hopefully CAS gets the verdict right and WADA cleans up their act as a result of this case. Anyway you look at it, Landis and other riders are the losers in the case no matter what the verdict.

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