Monday, October 29, 2007

Bartlett Cyclocross - Sunset Park

Yesterday, I attended the inaugural Sunset Park Cyclocross Race in Bartlett, IL. This was the first 'Cross race I have ever attended. I was impressed!! The race organizers did a great job. You can find pictures of the Cat 4a and 4b races at:

The weather was great and the course was varied. The one thing I noticed was that the barriers were on uphill sections and the riders that ran up the hill after the barriers before remounting generally did better than the riders that tried to remount immediately after clearing the last barrier. These riders almost came to a complete stop. This is merely an observation as I am a 'cross novice who has never actually raced 'cross.

Also, I noticed that the riders that were able to take the tight right turn before the short steep climb, were able to make up positions/distance on other riders.

Also, you can find the results to the race at:

Good luck to all riders in the next 'cross race in St. Charles.

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