Thursday, November 8, 2007

Goal For Off-Season - Lose Weight

Today is the start of my weight loss for this off season. Last off-season, I let myself go and I only lost about 6-7 pounds since then. I am currently about 20 lbs heavier than my lightest weight and that is the weight I will get back to.

I didn't have a great cycling season this year and I feel that with this weight loss, I will be ready to turn it around next year. I plan on losing 2 pounds a week for 7 weeks so that I am down to 175 by the end of the year. After that, I will take off the weight 0.75 pounds a week.

Obviously, I will need to modify what I eat. Also, the training program I have developed for myself will have me exercising 10 hours a week on average so that will be important for me to lose weight.

I am using the same system that I have used when I have lost weight in the past: Leanness Lifestyle. When I first used the system along with the "bootcamps" they have, I lost over 40 lbs. The users and Dave, the coach, are all very supportive, but also let you know if you are whining. I remember when I first started and said I was exercising a lot but no weight was coming off even though I was watching what I was eating. Dave came back and said "Use the tools!!". He was right. Thanks, Dave!!

Anyway, I will report back periodically on my progress along with my regular type of blog items.

If you are committed to losing weight but need some help, check out Leanness Lifestyle. You can find Leanness Lifestyle HERE.

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