Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Have you started your off-season training, yet?

If not, it is time to start. If you want to have a better race season in 2008 than in 2007, then you need to start training now.

I get newsletters from different companies and one quote I see stated more than any other is the one from Chris Carmichael. He states that Lance won the Tour with what he did in November, December and January or every year. While his competitors were taking time off or doing light training, he was putting distance between himself and his competitors.

Everyday cyclists, whether the fast recreational cyclist that wants to put down the hammer in group rides, or the racer that wants to compete at a higher level, everything that you do this time of year will pay great dividends come the heart of race season. So, get off your "duff" and start training for next year. You may not like riding in the cold, riding on a trainer or doing strength training workouts, but you will be happy come next spring when the competitors that never noticed you before are now looking at the back of your jersey at the end of a race.

Don't know how to structure your off-season plan? Hire a cycling coach. It has been shown to be a better investment than any equipment upgrade.

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