Thursday, November 1, 2007

Gatorade - they like me... they really like me :-)

Sorry, I couldn't resist being goofy with the title to this entry. Anyway, Gatorade let me know that they accepted me into their pool of cyclists available for their studies. I am excited about this since it seems like a lot of people who come in to be screened don't pass a part of the stress test. On the day I was tested, there a few other people scheduled (I think 3 others) and I was the only one to pass the stress test. Also, I know of one other person on a different day where the stress test was stopped in the middle because the person became slightly hypertensive (increase in blood pressure above normal). And this person is the last person you would have thought wouldn't have passed; very lean and in great shape.

So I post this information for 2 reasons: One, because I am very happy to be, what seems to be, one of the few that gets approved and two, I don't want anyone who is thinking about going through the process to get their hopes up.

Since Gatorade has a non-disclosure, I most likely won't be able to share my experiences of the actual testing with all of you. On the other hand, I will ask so I might be able to share some info.

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