Monday, June 9, 2008

Obama... c'mon, put the helmet on right!

After being involved in a crash on Saturday where the helmet saved me from serious injury and having a few of my friends being hit by cars recently, I saw this picture in the Chicago Tribune. So... what is wrong with this picture? Yup, Obama didn't strap on his helmet. Doesn't he know that the helmet isn't doing him any good if he doesn't strap it on? If he falls, the helmet most likely will come off before he ever hits the ground.
For a guy that is campaigning to run our country, you would think he would be smart enough to make sure he straps on his helmet. And if he forgets, there should be someone there to make sure he does.

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JV said...

Not very diplomatic... first off, you lose the first and second generation Euro vote who are against "crash hats" along with the old-school 60+ crowd who also think seatbelts are just silly. Second, you lose the helmet-wearing population and the mom votes by not strapping it. Ironically, Obama does appeal to the under-16 crowd who must wear helmets but don't want to, so unstrapped is as cool as it gets... not too many registered voters in that group though :)