Sunday, June 1, 2008

Winfield ABR Championship

While yesterday I felt good, today was not so good. I got up early to serve as a course marshall. While doing so, I could tell my stomach just didn't feel that great. I figured that once I got warming up, I would feel better.

Part way through my warmup, I could tell my right cleat was moving. Thankfully, one of the guys from the shop was there and helped me to get it tightened up quickly, although I figure I lost 15 minutes of warmup time between the fix time and finding the guy. Anyway, I went back out, but really didn't get in the amount of intensity I wanted and when I went hard, it really felt harder than it should have. Again, I figured once I got into the race, I would be fine.

I improved on one thing from yesterday... I got on the front line for the start. When the race started, I slotted into 3rd wheel, but the first 2 guys didn't want to be there, so once we got to the back stretch, I took the field to the hill. I decided that first lap to see how the legs felt and let people pass me going up the hill. Honestly, the hill felt much harder than I remembered. I came off the hill still in the top 10. I proceded to fade back at that point. During the race, I found it easy to move up on the home stretch as the field would take a break. I moved to the front 2 or 3 times during the race.

I kept positive during the entire race. I had a discussion with one of my teammates before the race about hammering it on the last lap up the hill. On the last lap, I did give it all I had on the hill, but unfortunately, I just didn't have it. I limped in for 42nd, but still with the main field.

One thing I did enjoy during this race is helping a few riders back on with the pack. I saw 2 guys I knew start to fall off the back, so I encouraged them to catch my wheel. I have been told many times that I have a good wheel to follow which is just another way of saying that I provide a very good draft. Both guys were able to catch my wheel and get back into the field. Both guys finished ahead of me. Heck, one of the guys had the nerve to pass me in the sprint. We got a good laugh about that after the race as I tried to give him a hard time about not showing his appreciation.

Well, today was an off day and I can tell my body just wasn't right today. I haven't felt very good all day. Considering how I feel as I write this report, I am very satisfied with my effort today.

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