Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sinus Infection (& Exercise)

I have been struggling with a sinus infection this past week and it has been getting worse.  Of course, am I doing anything about it?  Well, off and on, but not as much as I should be doing.  Now it is worse than it has been all week.  I know the recipe to get rid of it, but I haven't been doing it consistently.  The recipe I have used in the past that works is:

- neti pot
- decongestant
- lots of water

I am prone to sinus infections, usually getting one or two every winter, so what is my trigger for getting them?  I always suspected that my allergies were the problem as mold in the house increases starting in October, but I did some reading today and discovered that my suspicions were correct.  So I have added:

- antihistamine

to the recipe.  What I was really looking for this morning was whether I should exercise with a sinus infection.  I saw many suggestions:

- exercise is fine if you are sick above the neck
- cutback to 50% effort if you are sick above the neck

Since I had been feeling a little dragged-out with the sinus infection, I have been laying off exercise for most of this week.  One article I read that really surprised me was one that talked about 2 little known studies.  In these studies, the participants had colds and exercised.  What they found was that exercise has no effect on how fast someone gets over a cold.  While a sinus infection isn't exactly a cold, it is similar in its symptoms.  One thing I read in the article that really struck a chord with me was that "during exercise, the sinuses expand".  With this information, I am going to add this to my recipe:

- exercise followed immediately by using the neti pot

If you don't know what a neti pot is, keep your eyes on my blog as I will be writing an article regarding it soon.  Probably later today or tomorrow.

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