Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Training Tools - Cyclo-Club

As you can tell from my previous posts, I am making a personal "comeback" this year... comeback for me to get back to my fitness/cycling level of 2 years ago and hopefully, beyond where I was at that time.  One of the tools I am using is Cyclo-Club.  I have actually been a member for quite some time, but I hadn't really used the tools much.  This off-season is a different story.  While I have been mainly using the Cyclo-Core and Cyclo-Zen exercises, I plan on using its many other features like Cyclo-Spin, -Speed, -Core on the go & -Fuel over the next couple of months.  On top of those features, there are 7 day bootcamps for climbing and weightloss to jumpstart those areas.  There are so many resources.  I am currently using the advanced 12 week offseason training program and the 90 Day Fitness Booster resources.  Especially helpful is sharing the experiences in the Forum with others on the same journey.

The person putting this all together is Graeme Street.  While some may think he is "quirky", the bottom line is that he is passionate about what he does.  I also enjoy that this is coming from an Everyday Cyclist who can relate to what is required to improve for the majority of us that are not as athletically gifted as an elite cyclist.

Anyway, I am really enjoying being part of this online community and all of the cycling resources it offers are helping make me stronger this off-season.  I can already tell it has made a difference.  I still have a long way to go, but my fitness and strength have already improved.

I am looking forward to continuing the training plan and being in great shape come April.  Should be perfect timing for a Spring training trip that includes quite a bit of climbing.

Last but not least, Graeme is going to be available to anyone who calls in to his hotline tomorrow from 7am - 10am EST to answer your questions about training and nutrition.  Here is the information:

  Everyday Cyclist in Need HOTLINE!

Got cycling questions? Need some help with a goal? Ask them LIVE this coming Thursday from 7-10 AM EST. Ten minutes per caller. Please call prepared. (860-767-7558)

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